The anatomy of a Luchador.

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Get to know how Nacho’s Luchadors are made, what makes them special and how they will fare in the ring.

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in history. For thousands of years people have practiced some version of hand-to-hand combat for sport, amateur competition and in live crowd settings to bring entertainment to the masses.

Where it gets really interesting is in the fringes, where the edginess of physical combat start to combine with creativity and character-building. Backyard matches, arena events, and DIY-style character creation where the wrestler becomes more entertainer than athlete in order to bring the crowd screaming to their feet. Storylines, feuds, gimmicks, gashes and outlandish fashion start to take center stage. When we look at today’s popular wrestling industry and characters, it’s from these cult corners of the sport they draw their history and inspiration for top-level entertainment.

With Nacho Luchador NFTs, you can expect the perfect balance. Characters will pay homage to the traditions of the sport; you’ll see singlets and knee pads. But they’ll also pull from contemporary crypto references and merge it all with the artistically wacky and weird to create an exceptional spectacle. We are marrying the conventional, creative and quirky. And introducing some elements from the inter-dimensional.

A Luchador succeeds with part skill, part conditioning, and lots of charisma. Trainers, or holders, will be able to interact with their NFT in the first and second phases of the project to grow certain traits that will become integral to success in the ring against opponents. These areas are weight, speed, strength, spirit, style and stench. By feeding the Luchador, metadata is changed permanently to reflect the growth of the character. But this also combines with some born traits each character brings into the ring.

Demo UX outline of feeding traits and levels

Each character has traits that contribute to his offensive abilities, defensive abilities and his charm. Unlike skills that the trainer can upgrade equally for any NFT (speed, strength, etc.) these traits are associated with the generative NFT and Luchador qualities, and are related to rarity.

This article will breakdown the anatomy of a Nacho Luchador, how they are being constructed and what important factors to consider when starting that long road to training for glory. We’ll begin to outline how an NFT’s generative qualities contribute to NFT rarity, the Luchador’s unique competing abilities, and what a trainer can do to ramp up skills for a higher lvl. We’re well into the design of characteristics and qualities of the characters, testing the compatibility of items, accessories, and fashion choices. Here’s how it will come together.


The bigger the better, the heavier the man.

All Luchador NFTs start in the same weight class, Flyweight, measured in kilograms, shown as kg. As they eat, they gain weight and ascend through the classes through Bantamweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, Cruiserweight, then all the way up to Heavyweight. Of course each class has its Super division as well. And we’ll be adding a few extra classes for Ultra and King Heavyweight divisions.

The weight classes separate wrestlers into competition groups for head-to-head matches. But there will be some opportunity for cross-over in other competition types. And remember, the heavier the Luchador, the more $BOOZ he earns for his trainer.

All Luchadors can climb weight classes equally, but different feeding strategies might have an effect on how fast you grow.

A Unique Identity Starts at the Top

A Luchador’s identity is everything. And it starts with what’s above the shoulders.

A Nacho Luchador’s face is the most distinguishing trait and a key component in determining rarity of the NFT. In the world of Lucha Libre, the wrestler’s identity often starts with the mystique of the mask. It becomes the persona of the wrestler, often even in public, persisting the cult and culture of their character everywhere they go.

Many Nacho Luchadors will wear iconic masks. The mask contributes to greater charm and crowd energy in the ring. It calls upon the mystery of the character and commands curiosity of the fans. With a range of colors and patterns, there will be some conventions more common to the masks, but keep a look out for some ultra rare masks that will also contribute to offensive qualities (attacking ability) and defensive qualities (shields and protection), whether it’s a unique material or cunning design.

Early-stage facial concept sketches

After many years in the ring, a Luchador might choose to let go of his mask, as is tradition. Nacho Luchador NFTs without masks will be common, but their traits are distinct. The eyes, the expression, the facial hair and the choice of accessories from cigar to soothers create uniqueness for each and every character. You might even recognize some familiar faces in the most rare instances.

There will also be several novelty masks depicting familiar characters and nuggets of inspiration that will get people really excited. Pulling parody from everything from the crypto world to gaming and wrestling culture itself, look out for some special, more rare characters to get your hands on.

All Luchadors will have unique facial identities.

Aesthetics are Everything

The Luchador’s choice in fashion can make or break a fan’s connection with the star.

Some wrestlers are known for their traditional simplicity, only choosing their preferred color for their kit or singlet. They let their strength do the talking. But some are known for their outlandish fashion statements, and quickly garner a reaction from the crowd. Whether it’s cheers or jeers, the more crowd involvement, the more power a wrestler truly has.

Every Nacho Luchador will be rife with opportunity to stand out, make a statement and tell their backstory (trainers will be able to write the fabled backstory for their Luchadors). On Nacho NFTs, the aesthetics cut no corners. Beyond the mask, Luchadors will have opportunity for headgear, hats, bandanas, headbands, a range of glasses and accessories.

But it’s the body that ties it all together. What a wrestler wears to the ring, and sometimes right into it, is what marks the brand of a true showman. Capes, flamboyant jewelry, unexpected outfits, glamorous armor, and even full top-to-bottom costumes will be some of the traits Luchadors use to separate themselves from the rest. You might see full tuxedos to full-body tattoos.

Aesthetics contribute to the charm of the Luchador. But the trainer can work hard to increase the wrestlers style (what attracts the crowd) and spirit (what connects with the heart of the crowd in the Luchador’s dedication to competition) to increase the level of charm he exerts in the ring.

Attack and Defense

When it comes down to it, glory is all that matters. It’s nice to hear the crowd cheer you on before the match, but it only matters if you’re still standing at the end.

Every Nacho Luchador has seven opportunities for attacking and defending traits:

  1. Head
  2. Body
  3. Left hand
  4. Right hand
  5. Left foot
  6. Right foot
  7. Environment

As mentioned, heads can have headwear that can do more than just add swagger. Some attribute can add defensive capabilities, and a rare few add attacking abilities.

The body can boast armor, or even a weaponized accessory. It might be a reptile around the Luchador’s shoulders or a rocket pack with missiles on his back. Or he might rely on his hands to do the talking.

Demo generative qualities

The hands are where it gets interesting. There will be dozens of carriable tools, items, weapons, and wearables. You’ll see everything from ice cream to power gloves, household tools to mutations that offer an edge in combat.

The feet are primarily about mobility, inherently linked to defense. There will be a few rare variations and enhancements that will also contribute to speed and offense.

Environment is a rare trait category, adding surrounding elements that come to the defense of the wrestler. Maybe it’s a venus flytrap. Or maybe there’s a familiar sidekick standing loyally by your Luchador’s side. Environments will be rare additions and powerful traits possessed by those who have it.

Call to the Community

The NachoNation community has been strong, supportive and smart in making suggestions to date. This is an invitation to share some ideas or thoughts with the team about the characteristics of the Luchadors. Is there a particular accessory or fashion statement you want to see? Are you dying to see laser eyes combined with a light saber? Or body paint combined with a lions mane to create an absolute animal in the ring? Share your smartest and weirdest ideas in Discord. Lobby for a specific trait and explain why it will command the most desire from trainers.

If you are interested in learning more about us or participating in our community join us on Discord or Telegram and follow us on Twitter.



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