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Can your NFT beat your buddy’s NFT?

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6 min readSep 9, 2022


We’ve buckled in with our full focus on Spec Matches. In this article we’ll reveal how it’s all going to play out and share some detail on Head-to-Heads as we progress towards launching Friday Night Fights.

The big bois fight for a big bag


  • Spec Matches feature 15 head-to-head fights every Friday night
  • NFTs are registered by weight class and there’s no limit to how many you can register
  • From any number of registrants, two NFTs are selected per weight class
  • NFTs fight in a best-of-seven rounds, scoring each round using trained Speed, Strength, Stamina, Style and/or Health and a 20-sided die roll
  • One winner in every match takes home all the tokens

What are Spec Matches?

Spec Matches are short for speculative matches, characterized by their unpredictable outcomes. Spec Matches use formulas to calculate the winner, with three numerical inputs determined by the NFT holder who trains the Luchador and one of the inputs determined by a randomizer (rolling a twenty-sided die). This ensures no outcome can be definitively predicted and keeps it fun.

Spec Matches are an odds game that allows NFTs to compete for tokens. Users who have trained their NFT will see their strategic training choices come to play in the ring. Speed, Strength, Stamina, Style and Health all contribute your chance of success, or loss.

At launch, Nacho will host a weekly event to congregate all competitors together. It will be called Friday Night Fights and it will be glorious.

Why compete in Spec Matches?

There are two reasons. The first is because it helps the health of the protocol. The second is that it turns your NFT into a possible token printer.

Just like feeding and training a racehorse costs money, feeding and training a Luchador costs tokens. And just like winning a derby earns a purse that begins to make the investment worthwhile, winning a battle in the ring is where the Luchador begins to pay off.

Go on a ten-match win streak and who knows what can happen. Now see what you can sell that racehorse for 👀.

Head-to-Head Matches

At launch, there will be four ways to earn tokens within the Spec Match platform. There will be head-to-head fights, battle royale fights, practice fights and spectator picks. All have the potential to earn.

In this article, we’ll focus on head-to-heads.

Heavy Card head-to-head matchups offer big token prizes

How It Works

Head-to-head matches will be the mainstay of Friday Night Fights.

There will be fifteen head-to-head battles every Friday. Holders can register NFTs by weight class, grouping all matchups into the fifteen weighted categories. You can register as many NFTs as you want.

Registration per weight class

All matchups will have an open registration period spanning Monday to Wednesday. Any number of competitors can register for any fight (so long as they qualify by weight class). On Thursday, two randomly selected registrants will be selected for the battle, and the matchups are revealed 24 hours before the fight.

It is possible you have multiple Luchadors selected for different fights, two fighters in the same fight, or none at all.

Anyone who has paid the registration fee, but doesn’t get selected will be refunded.


The bigger the Luchadors, the more you pay to fight. But the more you pay to fight, the bigger the prize.

The only way to earn more is to get bigger.

Fights are grouped by Light, Middle, and Heavy cards and Battle Royale

Battle and Play

On fight night, each of the 15 head-to-head matches plays out sequentially on a live stream. Everyone gets to watch each match play out. Keep an eye out so you can begin to spot the best strategies for training.

The matchup is set

Each match is a one-minute fight made up of seven rounds. The Luchador to earn a higher round score in four or more of the seven rounds wins the match and the prize tokens. Their fight record increases by one win. The loser receives no tokens and their fight record increases by one loss.

Before the match begins

Each Luchador takes a turn to roll the twenty-sided die once per round, multiplying it against that round’s skill formula. The higher score wins the round.

Round 1 Walkthrough

Let’s look at a single round.

In round 1 the skill formula is Level x Speed x Style.

  • If Luchador A has a Level of 5.8, Speed of 11.2, and Style of 8.4, his skill score is 546.
  • If he rolls an 8 on the die, his round score is 4364, massive.
  • If Luchador B has a Level of 6.0, Speed of 1.1, and Style of 6.4, his skill score is 42, hopeless unless he rolls a 20.
  • He rolls a 17, his round score is 718, a loss.
Round 1 rolling

But he has six more rounds and his opponent has not trained his stamina—critical training error.

Full Match

Here’s how the seven rounds play out.

Fast-tracking through rounds 3 to 7

Notice a few key scores.

In round 3, Luchador A rolls a 17 but gets a round score of 0. This is because he has not trained his Stamina; an automatic 0. However, in round 6 which also includes Stamina, he survives with a round score to win, but only because he rolled a 20. Too bad for his opponent who’s score of 2498 is an excellent round score.

Also notice round 5, where Luchador B experiences an automatic loss by rolling a 0, taking a critical hit.

The final roll

In the end, Luchador B prevails thanks to the oversight of Luchador A who had not trained Stamina. Luchador B also had good rolls when fighting against Luchador A’s Speed, his strongest skill. Luchador A also had lowly trained Health which created the need for exceptional rolling to survive in the last 4 rounds. Impressively, he came away with two wins.

And the 4 individuals who picked Luchador B to win get to split the 3,897 $NACHOs proportionately (less protocol fee, less winning Luchador’s cut). More on spectator picks in a following article.


Why is it Friday only?
For the first phase of Spec Matches, consolidating all the activity to a spotlighted event will help general understanding of how Spec Matches work and create groundswell for participation. After a few months, we anticipate adding events on other days before eventually fully opening user-managed matchmaking.

Could there be different round formulas each match?
To assist with training strategy and understanding of how Spec Matches work, consistency is best. But we will be expanding into other game methods that could include randomized round formulas, added effects for rolling the same number twice in a row, and even a dead-number die format, where each number on the 20-sided die is removed once it’s been rolled in a round.

Will there be other game types?
There will be faction-based tag team matches that award extra benefits to tag teams who are completely in-faction.

With such a variance in Level for different Luchadors, how can Battle Royale be open and still give little guys a fighting chance?
Battle Royales are completely different. They include two rolls per Luchador, one as a multiplier and one as a divider. We’ll focus on this in our next article.

Get a Luch. Get 10. Win all the weightclasses…





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