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Nacho’s Luchador NFT whitelist is about to get white hot.

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Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about getting whitelisted for Nacho Luchadors.

*note this article has been updated with new whitelist criteria on April 1st, 2022. The original criteria no longer apply.

Get ahead of the open market sale for the lowest entry price on a Luchador NFT. This is the time to get in. Whether you’re getting ready to be the trainer of a promising young wrestler, the manager of an entire faction of brutes, or you want to groom the next phenom for resale before the battle phase, whitelisting is the best time to get in. Prices are lower and it’s easier to get more than one NFT.

It’s the best time to get your men in tights.

Concept sketch of Luchadors

How does whitelisting work?

Whitelisting offers VIP benefits to anyone who wants to get in on the early bird phase. There is a list of requirements, or a scavenger hunt of activities, and anyone who completes the list is added to the whitelist for minting.

Whitelist Announcement > Mar 21
Whitelist Begins > Apr 01
Whitelist Mint > May 31
Public Mint > June 2

If you’ve been whitelisted you’ll be granted the opportunity to mint an NFT on the Nacho site. When you go to the Mint page on you’ll be able to purchase a random unrevealed NFT. Shortly after the confirmation, your Luchador will be revealed. Now you’re a trainer.

At that point you can hold the Luchador in anticipation of the training phase, where Luchadors in the Gym will earn attributes for their trainers; speed, strength, stamina, style and health. You choose what’s most important and strategize how to grow your warrior. You can resell your Luchador on the open market once the marketplace is launched. Or you can continue to collect them knowing that Luchadors in the same faction will be able to share training facilities and fight together in later phases.

How do I get men in tights?

After hearing from our community, we’ve decided on a few different ways to get a chance at a Luchador NFT.

Stake $NACHO

It’s that simple, just stake 20 $NACHO and you get a whitelist spot. We’ll be taking snapshots of wallets staking 20 $NACHO on May 31st. All of them will be whitelisted May 31st when mint goes live.

But the longer you staked, the better chance there is that you win one of the free NFT airdrops for longest stakers.

There are 1,111 whitelist spots available.


If you have held any amount of NBOND since January 15th, you qualify. All who qualify will be airdropped an NFT. That’s right. We’ll slide a giant wrestler right into your wallet. And you’ll also get whitelisted.

Win a Contest

We’ll have lots of contests and competitions for people to get whitelisted or even get an airdrop of an NFT. Here are a few contests or achievements we’ll be rewarding people for.

  • Longest Staker
  • Most friends invited to Discord
  • Best Tweet tagging us
  • Best Instagram us
  • Top 5 most actively supporting community in Discord (airdrop)
  • Top 5 best Lucha Libre fan art (airdrop)
  • Most $NACHO staked (airdrop)
  • Most $NBOND staked (airdrop)

There will be lots more contests and opportunities to win spots in socials.

These requirements take effect as of April 1, 2022. We will be taking daily wallet snapshots and using Discord invite trackers and RT watch.

Find out more on our site.

Details, details, details.

Here’s where to keep track of it all. All requirements take effect April 1, 2022.

Join our Telegram, Discord

Follow on Twitter, Instagram

Invite friends to Discord

  • Generate an invite link in Discord and share it so our tracker bot can see how many people you’ve invited

RT Nacho Finance official

  • Retweet @nacho_finance Tweet containing the hashtag

Stake $NACHO

  • Purchase $NACHO from and stake it in the single-sided staking farm on
  • Staking snapshots will be taken daily to validate holders

Can I get more than one Luchador through the whitelist?

You can, and should. Every whitelisted wallet will be able to mint multiple Luchador NFTs (up to a maximum of three, and you will select how many you want to mint when minting is live). This is great for holders, hoarders and traders. But it’s especially valuable for those trainers with an empire state of mind who intend to build factions.

Because the future of fighting will include factions that come into play for tag teams, cage matches and sharing of training facilities, it’s wise to increase your chances of having multiple Luchadors. You might luck out and get a set from the same faction, or having a valuable Luchador from another faction might be the right trade piece to get just what you need.

We will also be rewarding certain trainers who are able to collect one NFT from all 10 factions. After mint, we will be gifting some of the more rare NFTs to those who prove they have at least one from each faction.

What if I use multiple wallets?

Smart move. You can get multiple wallets whitelisted by repeating any of the actions above to get more per person.

There’s power in numbers.

How many Luchadors will there be?

The inaugural launch will include 3,333 algorithmically unique Luchador NFTs. No two alike, no one to dislike. We’re excited to reveal the hi-fi style of the NFTs and depict their qualities, categories, traits, and rarities in good time. For now, here is the release cadence.

Release Cadence

Total Luchadors 3,333
Whitelist 1,111
Special Reserve 666
Open Market 1,556

Teaser silhouette of Luchador NFT

Special Reserve

The special reserve NFTs will be used for gifting, promotion, partnerships and awarding outstanding participation.

There will be several other competitions, contests and promotions that will create opportunities to get special reserve NFTs at a stage after whitelisting is complete.

Teaser silhouettes of Luchador NFTs

How much will a Luchador resell for?

There are seven rarity tiers for Luchadors and a final count of 3,333 of the inaugural set. Based on projects with similar rarity tiers and total NFT count, after two months on the market we’ve observed an average resale value of 3x original investment for a common class of NFT.

We’re pricing the mint at an affordable cost to create the opportunity for absolutely anyone to easily get in, hold the NFT, grow its value and/or sell it for a gain.

When can I see the Luchadors!?

We’ll be releasing the first few full previews in the coming week. It just takes a while to look through 3,333 characters and decide which one deserves to be shown first ;)

Where can I buy $NACHO?

$NACHO can be purchased on 1inch, QuickSwap or NachoSwap. For best results we suggest using our native DEX NachoSwap here.

Stay tuned.

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