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7 min readMar 9, 2022

Finally, something for Nacho lovers, NFT lovers, and rassling lovers to get excited about.

We’ve been talking about Nacho NFTs for months now. There’s been loads of interest and patience from the community, and we’re excited to finally make some commitments and reveal some plans for the community and the world to see. This marks a new era for Nacho as we open the doors to our biggest project development to date.

In this article we’ll outline the vision, the project, and the key milestones at a high level.

What’s the big idea?

We’ve preached long-term vision since the beginning. Everything has to build value for $NACHO holders. The team has been working the numbers, the mechanics and the concept to build an NFT enhancement onto the Nacho ecosystem that delivers continued use for $NACHO while delivering on three key principles; creativity, utility and affinity.

  1. The project must be creative, in that it’s an innovation of great work we’ve seen to date, but in an entirely fresh way. New concept, revitalized game mechanics, and something purely new and attractive.
  2. The project must have utility, in layers. The NFTs must have scalable earning potential for holders, new and old, and the project must plug into the existing Nacho ecosystem. It must create relevant everyday uses for NFT interactions as well as Nacho Finance and NachoSwap.
  3. And finally, affinity. The project must leverage game mechanics and principles of reciprocity to create a rewarding experience for users, creating a relationship that goes beyond the thin connection of one-sided NFT ownership. It’s less gold fish and more dog, or cat.

And so, we are excited to welcome the scantily clad world of wrestlers, prizefighters, brawlers and lucha libres to the Nacho universe.

That’s right, meet the Luchadors.

Men in tights. Women in lycra.

An early concept sketch. Official art will be revealed in the coming weeks

For glory. For greatness.

In the world of Nacho Luchadors, or Nachodors, you are the benevolent trainer. Like Mickey Goldmill, you guide a young, aspiring warrior towards glory and greatness in the ring. He or she has the will of a gladiator, but needs the coaching and tough love of a mentor to show them the way. Let the sweat be your gold.

The journey begins when you take your Luchador to the gym to train. As they train, they show their thanks and reward you with booze. Like any good trainer, you love a stiff drink and have a mind for opportunity. You recognize the potential ahead; the more you train your willing padawan, the more booze you earn. Sold on the open market, the booze has real-world value and trade potential. But staked over at the local cantina, and your booze nets you food for your trouble. The cantina is known for its unrivalled chips and guacamole, which you’ve negotiated as a fair tax for lending your booze. Because you realize that when you take the chips and share them with your hardworking Luchador, he gets bigger, and he gets tougher, and he trains even harder, rewarding you with even more booze.

It’s not long before you understand that there’s more potential to be gained by feeding your Luchador other specialty goods. To train a glorious champion, there must be a way to increase his speed and strength too. Not to mention his crowd-charming spirit for battle, his notoriety from swagger and style, and the edge he gets when he carries that villainous stench into the ring against his hapless opponents. There’s a powerful fighter waiting to be bred here, and the more powerful he is, the more booze you will earn.

Your Luchador has dreams of glory and triumph that only you can make real. The closer you get him to his goal, the more he shows his thanks. This is a match made in heaven.

Concept sketches of main interaction points

How does it all work?

It’s actually very simple. You buy a Luchador (from once they are available. You go to the Gym, and stake your Luchador there in training. As he trains, you earn a token, $BOOZ. Claim your $BOOZ and stake in the Cantina to earn $CHIPs. Then, feed your $CHIPs back to your Luchador to increase his weight in kgs. The heavier he is, the harder he trains, and the more $BOOZ you earn. But that’s just the beginning.

The Luchador cycle

You’ll also be able to increase the skill level of your Luchador. In addition to $CHIPs, you can also feed your Luchador other special foods that you’ve purchased with $NACHO to increase properties like speed, strength, spirit, style and of course, stench. Every good wrestler must manage his stench. As you feed your Luchador special foods, they each contribute to his increasing skill level, or lvl, which accelerates the Luchador’s $BOOZ production and increases the leveling speed of your Luchador’s traits. There are countless strategies for growing your Luchador to earn more $BOOZ, but also to prepare them for glory in the ring.

In the third phase of the project, you begin to realize your Luchador is outgrowing the training facilities. It’s time to invest. You’ll have the chance to add new equipment to the gym, add outdoor training facilities, upgrade the local Cantina, start to grow your own ingredients to make better margins on booze, and create a small collection of amenities that work together in different ways so that you can take your Luchador from aspiring amateur to world-class competitor. Here, you can train against others in staging matches and prepare for the most important stage.

Feed your Luchador to increase their stats

Phase four is where the cheese hits the chips. It’s time to enter the ring; the real fun begins when you put something on the line in front of the crowds. Trainers will bring their Luchadors from far and wide for a chance at the title. There will be nightly head-to-head matches, weekly tag-team battles, cage matches, and monthly royal rumbles inviting 30 competitors into the ring at once; all who dare can apply for registration. Trainers make a wager on their prized Luchador and see how their strategies in training will fare in battle. Luchadors are grouped into weight classes and face-off for all to see. Eager spectators get in on the action, putting their own wager on their favored competitor.

Luchadors battle for glory and prize money

Made for the big leagues.

There are layers upon layers of opportunity for increased earning, competition, collaboration and conquest.

  • Luchadors are born into factions — allegiances that will come into play for tag teams and sharing training facilities in the future.
  • Luchadors grow and heavy-up through weight classes, from Flyweight to Featherweight, from Heavyweight to Super Heavyweight, and for the first time in history, even up to Ultra Heavyweight and King Heavyweight divisions.
  • Trainers are awarded for achievements from Most Improved to Best-in-Class, Fastest to the Top, Winning Streak, Largest Teams, among others.

What the Hogan? How do I get in?

Good news, you haven’t missed anything yet. In the coming days, several formal announcements will be made about how to get in and how to get going. Here’s the abbreviated roadmap.

March 2022
✅ Luchador Announcement
✅ Whitelist Announcement (Click here)
✅ NFT Landing Page Launch (
✅ Whitelist Begins
⬜ Luchador Socials
⬜ Artwork Reveal

April 2022
⬜ Whitelist Ends
⬜ Mint Page Launch
⬜ Whitelist Mint
⬜ Special Reserve Mint
⬜ Public Mint
⬜ Secondary Marketplace Launch
⬜ Luchador Traits and Rarity Revealed

Phase 2 Q2 2022
⬜ Marketplace Upgrades
⬜ Leaderboard Launch
⬜ $BOOZ & $CHIP Tokenomics Reveal
⬜ The Gym & Cantina Launch
⬜ $BOOZ & $CHIPs on DEXs
⬜ Luchador Feeding & Size Upgrading
⬜ Increased $BOOZ Earning
⬜ $NACHO Feeding
⬜ Partner Token Feeding
⬜ Luchador Naming Service
⬜ Luchador Backstory Service
⬜ Gym Naming Service

Q3 2022
⬜ Mechanics Upgrade
⬜ $NACHO Food Service

Phase 3 2022
⬜ Training Facilities Upgrading
⬜ Shared Training Upgrade
⬜ Factions Revealed

Phase 4 2022
⬜ The Ring
⬜ Competitions & Luchadors Battle

Ok Nacho, WTF just happened.

As we like to say around here, we’re just getting started. Needless to say, the next few months will be big for Nacho and NachoNation. We’ll be welcoming lots of new members to the family. And their trainers.

Stay tuned for updates.

If you are interested in learning more about us or participating in our community and the upcoming whitelist join us on Discord or Telegram and follow us on Twitter.



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