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With 3,333 one-of-a-kind Luchadors coming to the market, choosing which ones to mint and keep, and which to scout for purchase is no easy task. Calculating rarity is important when attraction gets in the way. Let’s take a look at what will make them different and contribute to rarity.


  • Luchadors have 13 traits classes
  • There are over 200 traits
  • This genesis set will be ultra rich
  • Calculating rarity scores is totalling all trait rarity at =1/(trait occurrence/total NFTs)

Trait Classes

There are 13 trait classes that contribute to an NFT’s rarity.

This relates to the body or type of character.

The most common type is human, represented by a range of 6 skin tones and human qualities. But there are several other types of rarer, non-human Luchadors. From celestial spirits and T1000-like alienoid metallurgs to gold-plated machines and gamma-inflated muscle-boys.

A Luchador’s body is his temple (of doom).

Bodies of all types, tones and textures—but they all have great nipples

This relates to the eyes and eyewear of a Luchador.

The most common eyes are brown, blue, hazel, green and some in between. But there are several variants of alien descent, godly effect, lazer eyes, zombie, happy-molly and some other treats you’ll spot in there. And there are several types of glasses, shades and other eyewear. Luchadors can be very scholarly and very stylish people.

Look into a Luchador’s eyes to see your own trembling reflection.

A sampling of eyes and eyewear

This relates to the head and headwear.

The most common is base—meaning the head is the standard mask associated with that Luchador’s kit. There are over 60 kits with unique masks, so a base head is never boring. But it definitely gets interesting when the Luchador’s mask doesn’t fit because his head is that of an ape or a toaster, or maybe he’s chosen to wear a different mask altogether, or is wearing a hat.

Fear is created by many faces.

Some Luchadors prefer a hat, some like a unique mask, and some heads just don’t fit

This relates to mouth accessories.

The most common is base, as many Luchadors prefer to breath unobstructed. But some have a vice they carry around, like an illegally imported cigar, a traditional pipe, maybe something a little stronger and stickier, or a lucky strand of wheat from the fields back home.

Never trust a man who never shows his teeth or vomits more than 4 colors.

A few standard mouth traits

This relates to neck, shoulder and chest accessories.

The most common is base, but it’s not uncommon to see some ropes and bling. Luchadors like the sparkle. You’ll see a whole assortment of different chain types, colors, lengths and medallions worn around with pride and acclaim. Luchadors love to bring attention to their pecks, shoulders and naked bod in general.

Before you look a Luchador in the eyes, look him in the chest.

Who’s your daddy and what does he do?

This relates to arms; the glory feature of a Luchador.

The most common is base, just regular old monster arms with big shoulders and the biggest man-hands around. But some Luchadors have elected to undergo highly risky and invasive procedures to enhance their strength and defense with metal arms, vanity-laden gold arms and the patience-signalling diamond hands.

That’s why his arms are so big, they’re full of secrets.

Arm upgrades are common, with Adamantium, gold and diamond as substrates of choice

This relates to the base mask, singlet/shorts, boots and wrist bands.

There are 60 kit designs, 6 per faction. Each faction has two common kits, two special, and two rare. All 60 standard kits signal their affiliate faction with logos, patterns or a cohesion of color schemes. Luchadors are proud, especially when it comes to showing loyalty to their faction and brethren.

Learn more about factions in this post.

A Luchador’s clan is his family; he loves every member dearly and won’t hesitate to turn any one of them into a pretzel when they piss him off.

There are 10 factions, each represented by the Luchador’s kit

This relates to something worn in addition to the kit.

The most common trait is to have no additional garment, meaning base. But make no mistake, Luchadors love fashion. Many of them choose to wear ring-appropriate additional garments like capes or wings, but some also bring out-of-ring flare to their person. You’ll see some robes and classy silks around.

A Luchador’s style is always intentional, especially when it appears not.

This relates to something worn on the hands or wrists.

The most common trait is to have no accessory, meaning base. But pay close attention and you’ll spot special Gosling-inspired Drive gloves, maybe an MJ nod, sets of rings and expensive ways of telling the time.

Is that a onesie? No, it’s a Luchador’s left glove.

Rings, gloves and watches are favorites of Luchadors

This relates to something held in-hand.

This is one of the richest trait categories. Luchadors need no weapon to obliterate an opponent, but it’s nice to have some extra tools to cause pain. And in 3D gameplay you’ll see these beauties come into finisher moves. You might see glowing swords, jewel-incrusted gloves, food items and other curious accompaniments a Luchador is all the better to ridicule you with.

If Captain America lifts Thor’s hammer, and then a Luchador lifts Captain America, who’s most worthy?

Just toys for overgrown boys

This relates to anything worn on the feet.

Most Luchadors wear their base boot as part of their kit, but you’ll be happy to spot a growing number of characters wearing comfy slides, stylish kicks and other rare footwear.

When you weigh 200 KGs, a nice soft pair of crocs sounds cush.

Footwear says a lot about a man

This relates to the visual behind the posing Luchador.

There are over 30 backgrounds. Many are aesthetically curated backgrounds, gradients and patterns, but keep an eye out for authentic original locations in Mexico and other more rare inter-dimensional 3D images.

What business is it of yours where I’m from, friendo?

Base assets before entering the 3D environment

This relates to a physical item surrounding the Luchador.

There are several special environments. They add context and backstory personality to the Luchador and his origins. Or maybe it’s just a pile of money he likes to show off because, he earned it ripping someone’s arms off.

A healthy Luchador is part nurture, part nature.

Calculating Rarity

Calculating rarity is simple using the industry-standard Rarity Tools methodology to assign each trait a score.

Trait Scores
Each trait is given a score based on its frequency of occurrence in the full set of NFTs.


So for one of our body types, take skin tone 2 which could appear 700 times, has a trait score of 4.76 base on this calculation:

4.76 = 1/(700/3333)

For our celestial gods, the spirit body, which could appear 50 times, the trait score would be 66.67 based on this calculation:

66.67 = 1/(50/3333)

Then you total all the trait scores, for base and all else, to get the NFT’s rarity score. You’ll start looking at them a little differently when rarity matters.

Even base traits have a rarity score, but it is likely to just add a few points.

Some traits can add over 100 points to an NFT’s overall rarity score. But it’s always likely you’ll get a higher score with more traits. Not every NFT will be given the same number of non-base traits. The count can range from 4 to 10 individual assets.

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