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All you need to know about upgrading your NFTs.

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5 min readMay 25, 2022


Nacho’s Luchador NFTs are fun, quirky, beautiful and blasphemous all at once. But where it really gets good is when you start to take over your character and give him life and grow him up. Here are all the ways you can upgrade your NFT.


  • You can add a name, bio and select your Luch’s country of origin
  • You can feed your Luch to increase weight
  • You can train your Luch in different ways to increase different skills and his overall LVL

Luchador Personal Info

To make your Luchador real, just give him an identity. Whether you birthed him by mint or adopted him in the marketplace, giving him a name is how you make him yours. Every Luchador has 3 types of personal info that can bring him to life for some $NACHO. If only Geppetto knew.

  1. Birth Certificate
    You can give him a name to replace his Luch # (from the birth order)
  2. Backstory
    You can create his story and spread fear in all his enemy’s souls
  3. Origin
    Pick a country of origin
Prototype of editing personal info of a Luchador

KGs and Weight Classes

Luchadors are born big boys, starting at 50 KGs (ouch). The basis of upgrading your NFT comes down to how much you feed him. As he gains KGs, he climbs weight classes. As he climbs each weight class, he will train more effectively at the gym, increasing his skills faster.

Be sure to pay attention to promotions where feeding is worth extra effect. This is as good as doubling your money (or better). For example, at mint, there is a 3x feeding frenzy that will increase the effect of your $NACHO and double that of your $NBOND (up to 6x).

Bigger earns better.

Here are the standard weight classes; there are 14.

The standard 14 weight classes

Feed To Take The Lead

The act of feeding is simple. You select one of your owned Luchadors from the My Gym page and elect to feed him by clicking FEED on that character.

At launch, you will be able to select either $NACHO or $NBOND to feed him. If there is a multiplier, like at launch, that calculation will be done for you so you see how much more you’re getting.

Prototype of feeding mechanics

If you feed your Luch enough to reach a new weight class, he will need some time to digest before you can feed him again. You need to give him some time. Or you can elect to skip the digestion period by getting him some green tea to wash down those ‘chos.

Option to skip digestion period

Train To Make It Rain

Whether your Luch is new or you’ve helped him pack on the pounds, it’s best to get him training so he’s always upgrading his skills. Even if you’ve chosen to feed only one of your Luchadors and not the others, training is an upgrade effect that is time-based; the longer they train the more they grow.

Once you’ve unlocked a gym station, like STRENGTH, you can begin to train any Luchador you want (so long as he isn’t listed on the market).

Once he’s training, the clock starts counting and his strength grows. When you remove him from that gym station, you’ll see how hard he worked out for you.

And this is when he starts to level up.

Your Luchador’s LVL is important. It directly affects a Luchador’s odds of winning in the ring.

His overall LVL is factored into each roll when it comes to spec matches, and the five trainable skills (speed, strength, stamina, style and health) each play a roll in certain rounds or under certain conditions—also contributing to the outcome of your roll.

In the example below, a Luchador at LVL 11 rolls a 7 against a Luchador at LVL 21 rolling a 2. Because there are crowd bets, the style box comes into play. Along with the LVL, it makes a big difference.

Early prototype of spec matches

Why It All Matters

Regardless of how you approach and strategize your Luchadors, there’s a major potential benefit to growing him.


If you’re in it to hold and resell, consider the value of time invested into growing him someone else might desire. It would be hard to see two comparable Luchadors, one at LVL 2 and one at LVL 9, and not expect more for the one that benefitted from more growth, training and time.


If you’re in it to grow and earn, feeding and training are your jam. When the ecosystem’s next token is released, it will be distributed to all NFT holders and divided amongst them proportionate to the LVL of their Luchador. Again, this intends to reward those who spent the most effort, time or tokens to increase the LVL of their characters.


If you’re in it to get into spec matches, put tokens on the line against other trainers and their Luchadors, growing is the game. How you choose to divide the training between the 5 skills is entirely up to you. But make no mistake, the odds will favor the fittest.


When it comes time to play the live 3D game, it all comes together.

Your Luchador’s specific traits come to life. His weapons will factor into his finisher moves. And the skills and training will reflect the warrior you’ve groomed. Speed, strength, stamina, style and health will all be dynamically linked to the NFT, swaying the balance of power in the ring. Weight classes will be used to categorize and match-make equally, but even a little advantage can be a massive advantage.

Minting soon…

Nacho Luchadors Whitelist Mint is May 31st with an immediate 3x feeding frenzy for all early birds.

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