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Luchadors | Factions

Alliances are survival in the ring.

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8 min readMay 24, 2022


Nacho’s Luchadors are using a commonly employed NFT project feature, known as factions, but not in the way your average NFT project might.


  • There are 10 factions
  • Trainers (NFT holders) will be able to share training facilities with other trainers who have Luchadors in the same faction
  • You can train Luchadors faster at better facilities if a faction member lets you join
  • In matches, tag teams made of Luchadors from the same faction get a battle advantage
  • There are rewards for collecting certain amounts of Luchadors per faction

So, what are factions?

Factions are teams, clans or groups of people who come together. Central to the professional wrestling world and its plethora of storylines, factions are all about camaraderie and rivalries. In MMA, groups of fighters train at the same gym and use each other to enhance their growth as fighters, even though they are not actually teammates; they could see each other in the octagon.

We love the idea of factions. It creates allegiances and community strengthened by opposition and rivalry.

Why have factions?

We included factions because wrestling, just like crypto, DeFi and the world of NFTs, are all about community.

By creating the opportunity for sub-communities, you have users of different types, experience levels and wallet sizes there to help each other out with something shared to gain—something that doesn’t necessarily benefit everyone, just your faction.

It also gives us the chance to create an identity and backstory for groups of Luchadors that the community can begin to commandeer and author on their own.

How factions work

There are 10 factions in Nacho’s Luchadors ecosystem.

Each faction has a name and a logo, and every Luchador is part of one of the factions. Their kits, or uniforms, signal which they belong to.

A few kits from HABANHÉROES

Sharing training facilities is one of the biggest advantages to factions.

Some trainers will level up all their training facilities quickly, and some will not. With every increase in level, a gym station increases its Luchador training capacity and the rate of training that particular skill.

  • A SPEED level 1 can accommodate one Luchador and trains at a level 1 pace
  • At level 2, it can accommodate two Luchadors and trains at an increased pace

For example, if a trainer’s STRENGTH station is at level 7 but they only have five Luchadors, they might choose to offer it to fellow members of the faction currently training at that station. That means a fellow trainer owning only a level 1 STRENGTH gym station could get benefits of a level 7 while it’s shared.

A level 1 STRENGTH station can accommodate one Luchador to train at a time

This means factions can help their own teammates overall to grow the entirety of the faction. While every Luchador is in a race to eat, grow and train for glory, entire factions can be responsible for a movement that advances it over all others.

But won’t I have Luchadors from different factions?

Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. It might make the most sense to own Luchadors from multiple factions and prioritize the growth of them all, but it might make sense to power-up as many Luchs from the same faction as you can.

Incentives encourage trainers to think about their faction strategy

How are factions balanced?

Well, they aren’t. Not exactly.

Each of the 10 factions will be relatively proportionate. The algorithm that runs the script creating Luchadors will choose kits representing each faction in general balance, but it won’t be perfect. And the traits, rarities and characteristics of each won’t be balanced either. Just like real teams and clans.

What are the factions?

Let’s get into the factions, their backstory and some members.

Los Vampiros 🩸
(The Vampires)

Origin: LOS VAMPIROS™ are revered for their mysterious origins; they hail from none other than parts unknown. We know little about them, except that they stay up late, sleep all day and are only ever seen at night.

An assortment of VAMPIRICOS

Values: VAMPIRICOS value longevity and health, keeping the faction alive and thriving longer than any other.

Known For: They are recognized by their dark attire, custom designed by Wednesday Adams Couture.

Motto: ⸸

Lucha Vuitton ⚜️

Origin: LUCHA VUITTON™ is an ancient clan of Mexi-French descent. Their founder paved the way for style and class in the presentation of a wrestler’s identity, proving brawn and beauty can marry.

A few well-dressed LUCHA VUITTONIANS

Values: LUCHA VUITTONIANS value riches, wealth and success above all.

Known For: They are known for their cold hearts, hardened souls and fat, fat wallets.

Motto: C.R.E.A.M.

Hand of Zeus ⚡️

Origin: The faction HAND OF ZEUS™ originates from the state of Veracruz. Their founder sourced his insane power by reaching into the sky and grabbing a bolt of lightning with his bare hand. Guy has balls of thunder.

ZEUSIANS love their lightning

Values: ZEUSIANS value might above all.

Known For: Members are adorned with the the hand of Zeus; the lightning bolt. They are known for their extreme power and devastating strikes that stun opponents into adopting a permanent stutter.

Motto: Let There Be Lightning

The Ruggers 🧼

Origin: THE RUGGERS™ are from Texas. Their founder trains faction members exclusively in the basements of bars and derelict houses under the cover of secrecy and anonymity from the outside world, and one another.

RUGGERs in rug attire

Values: RUGGERS value speed and ingenuity when it comes to making surprise attacks.

Known For: They are known for their mat manoeuvres, ground game, sweep kicks and swiftly bringing opponents to their knees without notice. Their founder has a scar on his hand from a chemical burn involving a secret soap-making operation.

Motto: You Do Not Talk About Ruggers

Reignbow 🌈

Origin: The faction REIGNBOW™ is a collective of the Great Metropolis. Their founder created this dominant clan by bringing an assortment of warriors and unlikely talents together.

Instigators and trash talkers; REINGBOWIERS

Values: REIGNBOWIERS value speed and cunning wits to promote camaraderie and unity within the faction, while shredding the ego of opponents.

Known For: They are known for their blazing colors and lavish sense of humor that translates into opponent-enraging finishers.

Motto: Fearless, Flamboyant and Flagrant

Los Santos
(The Saints)

Origin: The great LOS SANTOS™ is a traditioned, principled faction. Born of The Monastery of Obstinate Fist, the founder of this faction is deeply rooted in traditions of godly reverence and thus, mighty stamina in combat.

No smiles for SANTOREANS

Values: SANTOREANS value loyalty, perseverance and endurance against all odds.

Known For: They are known for their stamina, as well as their ability to withstand and defer situations where the odds remain against their favor.

Motto: Fear Not the Foul

HabanHéroes 🌶

Origin: HABANHÉROES™ hail from the Amazon, famed home of the world’s most popular of the hot hot chilies. Their founder demands every faction member endure a 7-day diet of only habaneros as a test to join.

These guys are hot

Values: HABANHÉROES value attitude, defiance and freedom above all other virtues.

Known For: They are known for their explosive temperament and fiery expletive-filled attacks when taking on opponents in the ring.

Motto: Breath of Fire, Sweat of Pepper Spray

Los Classicos
(The Classics)

Origin: LOS CLASSICOS™ hail from the Federal District, one of the oldest factions dedicated to the traditions of the sport. Their founder is known to have trained over a thousand Luchadors and snapped ten times that many enemy bones.

Stoic and steady for CLASSICS

Values: CLASSICS value sportsmanship, class and a stoic presence in and out of the ring.

Known For: They are known for their surprisingly intimate understanding of their opponents, showing no flaws or weakness in battle.

Motto: We See Your Ego

Tequila Dreamz 🥃

Origin: TEQUILA DREAMZ™ originated in Jalisco as devout apostles of the Blue Agave rituals. Their founder is famed for expelling members who lack purity of health, openness of mind or love of unhinged revelry.

Getting the good stuff, AZULIANS

Values: AZULIANS value good health, a curious mind and spirited fun.

Known For: They are known for their wildness, their tendency to overstep the rules in doing whatever it takes to emerge victorious, especially in rivalry with BRO EXOTICS™.

Motto: Mind, Body, Aura

Bro Exotics 🐅

Origin: BRO EXOTICS™ hail from the American South, from the vastness of Oklahoma to the mansions of Miami. Their founder is known for his love of brawls and big cats, working exotic animals into training members for battle.

BROS being bros, bro

Values: BROS value faction patriotism, animal print shirts and large pints.

Known For: They are known for rowdy and unruly demeanor inside and outside the ring. They are vicious and love to clash with rivals TEQUILA DREAMZ™.

Motto: Money, Binge, Orgy

The nature of factions is just like the real world. It provides teammates who’ve got your back when it comes to taking down opponents you can’t stand.

A little help makes sure everyone gets farther ahead.

Nacho Luchadors Whitelist Mint is May 31st with an immediate 3x feeding frenzy for all early birds.

Don’t miss it.

More to come…

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