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Weekly airdrop contests mean more NFTs for collectors.

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4 min readJun 21, 2022


*this article has been edited since its original to reflect the 6-hour window for submissions and the requirement to include only NFT numbers, not URLs

It’s time to reward the collectors and Luchador aficionados for their aggressive hoarding of these wild, brawling NFTs.


  • First weekly contest launches June 21 at 14:30 EST
  • 10 collector categories rewards up to 50 NFT airdrops
  • Submission window on Discord June 23 at 14:30 EST for 6 hours
  • Nacho will host weekly collector contests going forward

Collector Contest Launched

The NFT Collector Contest is officially live. Anyone is eligible to participate. All you have to do is collect some Luchadors, maybe make a swap or two, and submit for a chance to get NFT airdrops, special rarity NFT airdrops, and some $NBOND airdrops.

NFT Collector Contest Introduction

How to Enter

  1. Collect the correct Luchadors for a Trait Hunt Category between June 21 and 23
  2. By any means available to you: trade, mint, wheel, deal, beg and share to get the right Luchador sets (trade at your own risk, know your partners)
  3. Submit your entry(ies) between 14:30 EST and 20:30 EST on June 23:
    - Go to Competitions-Submissions Channel on Discord
    - Paste screenshot of your NFTs with Trait Hunt title you’re submitting
    - Include each NFT’s number as part of submission so we can verify collective ownership
  4. NFTs can be part of multiple entries by one owner only
  5. Our community lead will announce winners June 23
NFT Collector Contest — How To Enter

What are the Trait Hunts?

There are 10 Trait Hunt categories of scavenger hunt. Some are easy, some are very difficult given the rarity of certain items. But the rewards will be worth it.

    - Show supremacy
    - Collect 10 Luchadors from 10 factions, one from each
    - No disclosed maximum of prizes
    - Show faction dominance
    - Collect 5 Luchadors from 1 faction, five of the same
    - No disclosed maximum of prizes
    - REIGNBOW faction dominates Pride Month
    - Collect 5 Luchadors from REIGNBOW
    - 2 PHENOM NFTs as giveaways
    - Love for all Luchs
    - Collect 5 different body types (can include 1 human skin tone only)
    - 3 NFTs as giveaways
    - Calling all masks, heads and hats
    - Collect 6 different head types (can include 1 Luchador mask only)
    - 5 NFTs as giveaways
    - Thrash the galaxy
    - Collect all 4 lightsaber variations
    - 3 NFTs as giveaways
    - Be seen
    - Collect 4 shoe variations (can include 1 pair of wrestling boots)
    - 3 NFTs as giveaways
    - Show supremacy
    - Collect all 3 shell variations
    - 3 NFTs as giveaways
    - Method Man respect
    - Collect 3 smoking Luchadors
    - 2 LEGENDARY NFTs as giveaways
    - Putting in the work
    - Collect Luchadors in 5 different weight classes
    - 3 NFTs plus $NBOND as giveaways
NFT Collector Contest Trait Hunts 1 & 2
NFT Collector Contest Trait Hunts 3 & 4
NFT Collector Contest Trait Hunts 5 & 6
NFT Collector Contest Trait Hunts Siete & Ocho
NFT Collector Contest Trait Hunts 9 & 10

What are the prizes?

We won’t share all the NFTs that will make it out as prizes, but here’s a sneak peek.

These guys are just a few that you might see getting airdropped as prizes for one of the Collector Contest achievements.

Hot Headed Phenom

The Legendary Dr. Steez

The Ludicrously Lucky Logan

Apenom Oro

Silk Legend

Phenomenal Mr. Pumpkin

No Frens Rarely Larry

Fanboy Phil

Phephe the Frog

Extra Pantha


Officer Sith

Phenom V’nom

Lord Legendario de los Muertos

This Face


There’s only one way to get them—gets as many Trait Hunts in as you can.

The big one launches today. But stay tuned, we’ll be doing weekly Collector Contests going forward.

More to come…

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