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4 min readApr 7, 2022


The whitelist, mint and NFT upgrading mechanism are getting some needed updates.

Interest is starting to ramp up for Nacho’s Luchadors and so we’ve made a few updates to honor long-time holders, open the gates to a new community and create the opportunity for early birds to get unmatched advantages.


  • It’s now even easier to get whitelisted
  • Whitelisters get advanced feeding and multipliers
  • You can feed NBOND to NFTs and it’s more effective
Early-stage mint UI prototype

Whitelist Updates

We’ve been through a couple iterations of whitelist rules. This is the final revision and will stand until mint date.

It’s even easier now, but there’s an extra reward for those who got in already.

  1. Stake 20 $NACHO in the farm
    - This is a new rule
    - This gets you on the WL
    - Anyone on the WL will race first-come-first-served to get an NFT
  2. Stake 200 $NACHO in the farm
    - This has upgraded
    - This gets you a guaranteed WL spot
  3. Hold ANY amount of $NBOND
    - This has not changed
    - This gets you 1 airdropped NFT and a WL spot
    - Holders of 500+ NBOND get two airdrops
  4. Win a Contest
    - See weekly contests for details
    - 👉

Whitelist Mint Advantages

We’ve added some significant benefits awarded to those who get in on whitelist mint.

The game is to grow your NFT into the biggest, strongest, fastest character. That’s how he increases in floor price value, earns you more and does the most damage in fighting (better chances at winning the wager). And now, we’re rewarding whitelisters with an acceleration bonus.

Weight increases effects of training at the Gym

Let us revisit the growth mechanics first.

The mechanics of growing your Luchador are simple.

  • Feed him $NACHO = he puts on more KGs
  • The heavier he is = the harder he trains at the Gym
  • The harder he trains = the faster his attributes increase
  • The higher his attributes = the higher his LVL
  • The higher the LVL and KGs = the more powerful he is in battle and in earning potential

Here’s what’s new (for whitelisters).

There will be a period between whitelist mint and open market where the Gym is open to whitelisters only. They can start feeding and growing their Luchadors ahead of anyone else, which is a major advantage when it comes to NFT value.

But that’s not all.

During this limited time, the effect of $NACHO on your Luchador’s KGs will double. That’s right. One $NACHO, two-times the KGs.

That means his training effects increase. That means he gets stronger PER $NACHO. And faster PER $NACHO. And more stamina PER $NACHO.

You get the idea.


Early prototype for feeding and training functions

Tokens and Feeding

There’s an important update here, one that gives the OGs a little leg up.

$NBONDs can now be fed to the Luchadors alongside $NACHO. This creates a market and use for NBONDs, regardless of where peg is. There’s lots of opportunity to strategize the best way to grow your Luchador, because…

There’s an additional incentive: $NBONDs will be more powerful than $NACHO when it comes to feeding.

More NBOND means more KGs.

NBOND will have a greater effect on NFT weight

What’s the mint cost?

There’s one last update to the whitelist, mint and early feeding stages.

We’d previously suggested the mint cost would be approximately $200 worth of $NACHO. Given the calibre of the artwork and the access to an industry-leading game, it seemed to be an achievable price. But we’ve heard from a large portion of the crowd that the cost is prohibitive, especially when comparing it to the costs of gaming titles. And considering the need to level-up your Luchador with $NACHO.

The cost to mint at whitelist will be significantly reduced. Why?

  • To increase accessibility of Nacho Luchadors
  • To create opportunity for immediate feeding and growth
  • To get the ecosystem and community growing faster

We understand the concern that this lowers the potential floor value of the NFTs. However, this first generation will be unlike any other. The lead-time for this generation over the next means they will be heavier, more developed and more powerful. They will be stronger in the ring, earn more tokens based on their size and will always be more rare.

Wait. Did we say earn more tokens?

More to come….

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Secret password for new members is slingshot legdrop.

Rey Mysterio’s famed slingshot legdrop



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